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Do I really need Swoopier in my life?

Nope, you're more than welcome to go to our non-existent competition and grab your high-quality, cost-efficient, aerial imagery there. But, we'd recommend giving us a run through first before you completely write us off...who knows, we might just blow your socks off.  Oh, and it's free to try, so why not.


Will a Swoopier membership solve all the problems in my life?

Most of them.* As long as you're a member, you can use Swoopier's digital images on or in websites, web and mobile applications, email, and text messaging for nearly endless purposes. There are a few restrictions, but they're not too onerous for the average user (like you can't use them to train the next generation of artificial intelligence). See the full terms here.

But be warned, if you cancel your membership and keep using our images, we'll be sending our crabby lawyer-guy to get involved (and believe me, nobody wants that).

* We're assuming your list of problems is fairly short and revolves around a lack of affordable, quality drone photography.


Who can use Swoopier's services?

Are you a living, breathing humanoid adult who can manage and access a computer? Then, you're probably in! Right now we primarily serve real estate professionals on Florida's Gulf Coast, but we are growing to support essentially all small-to-medium businesses in graphic design, home décor, web design, marketing, publishing, travel, and whatever else suits your fancy.


What size are the digital images?

This depends on the type of license you purchase. Although the exact resolution may vary from image to image, the Online License versions are around 2048 x 1534 and the Print License versions are around 4048 x 3032.  Are those numbers meaningless to you?  No worries! Put another way, the pictures are high enough resolution for you to do pretty much everything you'll want to do with them online (like post to social media, use on MLS and house listing platforms, and even use on your website) or in print (think flyers, brochures, or even billboards). Just remember to get the right license and image version for what you're using it for.


What do I get with an Online License? 

A lot. Subject to some limitations, you get a single-user, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, non-sublicensable, license to use the photograph on or in websites, web and mobile applications, email, and text messaging (but no physical printing).

See our full license terms for details.


What do I get with a Print License? 

Even more than an Online License. Subject to some limitations, you get a single-user, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, non-sublicensable, license to use the Photograph on or in websites, web and mobile applications, email, and text messaging, and up to 100,000 times in physical print form.

Again, see our full license terms for details.


What do I get with the Membership Version of the Online License?

Essentially the same thing as the Online License, BUT your license ends when your membership ends. And I think we can agree that is a small price to pay for having unlimited access to Swoopier's entire gallery! And you can purchase multi-user licenses so the whole team can get in on the fun. Check out our membership plans here


What is an Area Location Request?

We have a LOT of drone photographs, and we're getting more every day.  But that doesn't mean we have everything.  So if we don't have images of the neighborhood, landmark, or area that you want, simply purchase an Area Location Request (here) and fill out this form for the location you want covered. Our professional drone photographer will photograph that area and new images will be uploaded into your Signature Gallery by the first of the next month.

Our goal is to shoot what you need, but we can't always do that without you. Send us out to the field so we can build the best gallery for you!


Will additional images be added to the gallery?

Yup, every month 100+ images will be added to the base Signature gallery.


Do I get to use the images forever once I download them?

Largely YES, if you have purchased the Online License or Print License for that image (and not obtained it for free through a membership). Even then, your license may be terminated under certain circumstances, and you should review the full license terms to understand when that may occur.   

NO, if you obtained the image only through a Swoopier membership. In that case, once your membership is terminated, you MUST STOP USING any images you obtained through the membership and DELETE ALL COPIES of those images. And to help remind you of this, we use various online and offline tools to monitor for unauthorized use of our photographs.


Can I do whatever I want with the digital and print images?

In short, no you can't. Your use is subject to comprehensive license terms. These terms are pretty generous and, with the right license, permit most online and print uses. But there are restrictions and impermissible uses, and it is up to you to make sure you understand and abide by the applicable license terms. So, key the broken record and check out the full license terms to know exactly what you can and can't do with the images.    


What is basic image editing?

People can be distracting. Which is why we have taken the liberty of pre-removing all obvious persons, glaring, and distracting objects from each image in the gallery. The hard work has been done.


What image markup is allowed?

You are allowed to perform minor image markups (including text overlay for sales), minor cropping, resizing to a lower resolution if necessary for use with a digital platform or communication, and the addition of property lines.


What if a friend or associate wants to use an image I downloaded from the gallery?

If you have a single-user license, share the love, but not the image. Do this by telling them all about us and then tell us your sending them our way. No good deed will go unrewarded. Unauthorized sharing of the image, though, would be a bad deed (and violate your license terms).

If you have a multi-user membership with user capacity, then still share the love and the image (but note that your lucky friend or associate will count toward your number of permitted users).


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